The finest restaurant in townLOT RESTAURANT

In the center of Tirana exists an exquisite choice for food lovers.
Our restaurant accommodates all tastes and offers the best option for fine dining. There is a wide range of dishes: from fish to meat, from organic to vegan, our guests will find themselves at home.
We take pride of our Chef’s exceptional international experience, which guarantees a unique taste in each of our dishes. Menus have been prepared with special care to details.
Do not hesitate to ask for your favorite dish; our chef will propose you the best approach to that dish!

Chef Gerald RichardsonInternational Cuisine & Pastries Chef

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Come and Taste One of the Chef’s Specialities

Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite, but only a real Chef makes you enjoy the last!François Minot

Opening Hours

Our restaurant is opened every day throughout the afternoon and evening

12h00 – 23h00

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Call or write us at any time to book a table or an event at our restaurant.

Tel.: +355 4 22 00 001
Mob.: +355 67 60 38 888

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