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(për përdorim nga një person)

Dhoma Standarde € 77
Dhoma Superiore € 82
Dhoma Ekzekutive € 102
Suita Ekzekutive € 140

Rezervo Tani


Lini një përshtypje
  • The staff was just as friendly as it can get. Room quality superb and location very close to the city center.
    Breakfast was perfect with additional dishes upon request and the dinner we had was just delicious.
    Will definitely recommend the hotel.

  • Pesonnel très aimable et très soigneux vers les clients. La chambre très propre. petit déjeuner excellant avec les produits de terroir.Hotel très bien situé au centre. Je conseille cet hotel aux autres voyageurs. Je suis très content avec booking compagnie et je choisirais mes hotels que avec booking compagnie.

    Merita, (LU)
  • Rooms were spacious, free valet parking, great hotel restaurant…the fact that is NEW hotel you will not feel inside as the staff is professional on every corner.

    Ante, (GB)
  • We love this Elegant Hotel
    The Lot Boutique Hotel is very comfortable, centrally located and clean. We stayed there for 5 nights. The Staff is amazing, we really want to thank them all for their service ! Also Lot Restaurant its wow , with delicious fish and meat dishes. The Chef came there and asked us about what he made for us, if we enjoyed his dishes. We can heartily recommend this Hotel without forgetting the Lot Restaurant!!!

    AntoGrabo from Spain
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